1. What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name?

Mack: THE CEO. The name has been a source of controversy since I came up with it. The name conjures up ideas of “The man”….and rock has always been against “the man”. Its more about being the boss of your own life. Its just being true to who we are. Metal fans are everywhere, from the classroom to the board room. We represent all walks of life and this band is a perfect example of older and young, blue collar and white collar coming together and celebrating the music we love.


2. What are your names, nicknames and corresponding instruments?

· Mack Mullins – Vocals

· Mike Dunn – Guitar

· Chase Brown – Guitar

· Vinnie Hornby – Bass “The Boss”

· Joseph Herman - Drum


3. If you could fill a pool with anything but water, what would it be?

Chase: Queso


4. What’s an average day like for the band?

Mack: Average day? Some of us are family men with wives and corporate jobs. Some are professional musicians playing in multiple bands. An average day for us is slugging it out like the masses while writing and recording new music every chance we get.


5. Where/When was your last show, when/where is your next show?

Chase: Our last show was September 20th at Amos’ Southend opening for 10 Years. We are currently in the process of booking more shows.

6. What are some of the best pranks you as bandmates have pulled on each other?

Joe: Nothing major. Yet...

7. How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

Mack: Early on is was more of a Mike, me and another songwriter just writing together, but when we were asked to record with Elvis Baskette, it became a full band collaborative effort. Joe and Chase bring a young, modern metal element to what we are doing, while Mike comes from a more progressive background.

8. What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite?

Joe: Fav: Playing drums and being able to play live and move people with music I’ve created is the most satisfaction I could ask for.

Least fav: When the shows over and I’m not playing anymore. The “coming down part” Haha.

Chase: Playing live has to be my favorite part. There’s nothing like playing for an energetic crowd! My least favorite part would have to be unforeseeable circumstances that prevent us from working. They could be something as small as getting sick and losing your voice or as big as a global pandemic. You never know when they could strike so all you can do is do your best to prepare for them and prevent them.


9. If you were a super-hero, what would your power be?

Joe: Healing power to the unfortunate.

Chase: Never needing to eat or sleep. Those really get in the way of writing and recording haha.

10. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

Joe: I would tell them to pick people you feel comfortable with, that are on the your same page and be able to compromise with each other. Practice your craft. Be prepared and have respect to the band. Create goals and don’t stop until you achieve them. Music is your art and make music that makes you happy foremost.

Chase: Know what you want, find people who want the same thing, and go after it. If you and your band want to play just as a hobby then go for it, that can be a blast. If you want to chase this as a career path, then you have to find people who want that as well and are willing to work for it. Decide what you want out of your band, surround yourself with the people that can help you achieve it, and have fun doing it.

11. Who are some of your favorite musicians?

Joe: Drummers: Matt Halpern of Periphery, The late great Vinnie Paul of PanterA, Dirk Verburen of Megadeth/Soilwork Others: Chris Stapleton, Zakk Wylde, Philip Anselmo, Dave Grohl

Chase: Jaco Pastorius, Dimebag Darrell, Joe Walsh, Billy Gibbons, Vulfpeck, Periphery, this list could go on forever haha.


12. What is the craziest thing you have ever received from a fan?

Mack: I had a fan present me with a 5’ by 5’ painting of myself. Very cool. Hangs in my home studio now.

13. What song means the most to you and why?

Mack: I’d have to say “Twin Flame”. First song on the new album, high energy. It was written about my fiancé and transitioning from previously toxic relationships to something healthy and fulfilling. The guys sprung the music on me in the studio and I had a few hours to write the lyrics. It just kinda flowed.


14. How can people gain access to your music?







15. If you had one thing to say to all your fans, what would it be?

Mack: Thank you for all your support and if you love the new album, please share on your social media as much as possible! We love you all.

Check out their latest video!

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