1. What's the name of your band? What's the origin of that name?

We are Plain as Ghosts.  Several years ago, we all came up with a list of suggestions, which we narrowed down to a few for a vote.  I (Trev) had Plain as Ghosts on my list but I didn't like it and didn't vote for it - go figure....I was out voted and here we are! Haha.  Conceptually its a different take on the idea that something is not obvious and can't easily be explained or defined - like the expression "clear as mud".  The idea of ghosts is a complicated one and the band name is just a spin on that concept. 


2. What are your names, nicknames and corresponding instruments?

Trevor (Loreman) Lux - Vocals, Guitar

Rodrigo (King Ram Rod) Ramirez - Drums

Daniel Friesen - Guitar, vocals

Adam Halstrom - Bass, vocals


3. If you could fill a pool with anything but water, what would it be?

Science experiment time!  If we filled the pool with sulfur hexafluoride - even though we couldn't "see it" could we still float?


4. What’s an average day like for the band?

Well, we all have day jobs and families so, most of our lives revolves around that.  However, most days involve some rehearsing at home, some writing or making rough demos. 

We typically get together once or twice a week in the off months and more often leading up to shows.  Unfortunately with every thing going on in the world it has been a bit difficult to do any of that so, some demo's are now created by sending ideas back and forth online. 

5. Where/When was your last show, when/where is your next show?

Last summer we played a string of bar gigs around our province and also a main stage festival gig.  Before that, it was an opening gig for Pop Evil and Royal Tusk which was an honor to be a part of. 

6. What are some of the best pranks you as bandmates have pulled on each other?

We are pretty focused when it comes to music but, at the album release show for our first EP Rendering - during a breakdown in the song where a few of us use our pedals to make some ambient noise, our drummer Rod - propped his foot up on his kick drum pulled out an old style lantern and started reading "Dracula' (the book) on stage!  The rest of us of course, could not see that until we saw photos of the gig!  It was hilarious to see and Rod kept it quiet until we saw footage.  I mean, I heard the crowd all laughing but, I didn't know what that was about until later. 

7. How has your music evolved since you first began playing together?

I think we have all evolved as musicians since forming as a band and we have also become much more cohesive as a unit.  That just comes with all the time spent together of course.  I think we all share a similar artistic vision and that always helps progress things. 

8. What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite?

Favorite part is definitely the fun in creating and exploring song ideas and sounds - creating music. 

Least fave - I mean this is likely true for  most bands - would be loading gear before and after shows. 


9. If you were a super-hero, what would your power be?

Tough call - we are pretty much geeks and likely all have different responses to this....I think for me (Trev) if I were to relate it to music....it would have to be super strength - for all the hauling of gear at shows. 


10. What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?

I would definitely encourage them to go for it!  Creating music and collaborating with other people is truly what makes playing music special.  Go have some fun, make sure its enjoyable first and foremost and progress from there.

11. Who are some of your favorite musicians?

I think we all have varying taste to some degree but, we tend to agree that The Matthew Good Band, Foo Fighters, Silverchair, Filter, Blue October are all influences of ours among many others. 


12. What is the craziest thing you have ever received from a fan?

I once had an email that was essentially a reprimand about a festival spot we had....the "fan" seemed to feel that the spot was typically reserved for Christian Rock bands.  We certainly aren't Motley Crue and I don't know what would lead them to believe we were not fit for that particular spot either....haha.   We played the gig and had a lot of fun nonetheless.

13. What song means the most to you and why?Our song "Alethea" means the most to be from our current catalog. It is a song describing my emotions when my mother had been going through cancer for the second time.  It definitely captures a place in time. 


14. How can people gain access to your music?









15. If you had one thing to say to all your fans, what would it be?

Look out for each other, stay safe out there and maintain social distancing.  Lets all work together and overcome this pandemic. 

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